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About Door 2 Door

Door 2 Door (D2D) Ski Rental Delivery was started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2003. The concept of ski rental delivery was new at the time, but there was a large demand for this new service. The convenience of having ski rental equipment delivered to the customers front door rather than waiting in long lines at a brick and mortar shop caught on quickly. Consequently, the D2D delivery vans became a common site in and around the mountain village area of Steamboat Springs. After completing two successful years in Steamboat Springs the company was looking for opportunities to expand into other ski resorts.

Christy Sports has been an icon in the ski business for 50 years in Colorado and Utah. They have a proven track record providing the highest quality of service to their customers. They were looking at the ski delivery service and were developing plans to enter into this fast growing market. In 2004 Door 2 Door by Christy Sports, LLC was formed. Joining one of the largest specialty ski and snowboard retail companies in Colorado with a successful ski delivery company allowed D2D to bring the entire retail store to the customers’ front door. Customers now have the option to choose from over seventy models of skis and snowboards and have access to the Christy Sports retail store online creating a virtual shopping experience without leaving the comfort of the customers’ accommodations.

Today Door 2 Door by Christy Sports serves 16 major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. The company continues to approach this new business frontier uniquely different from its competition. Providing the highest quality of service to our customers remains the number one objective. D2D is a Colorado owned company and continues its headquartering operations in Steamboat Springs.

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